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Portable Radios


Hytera HP7 Series

The HP702 and HP782 are Hytera's top-of-the-line DMR handheld radios. The HP7 radios present the future of style functionality by providing loud and clear audio, long battery life, and remarkable ruggedness for ease of use and reliability across multiple environments and industries.


Hytera HP7 Intrinsically Safe Radios

The HP782 UL913 and HP702 UL913 are Intrinsically Safe radios for industrial, energy production and mining environments. They are Class I, II and III UL913 certified for use in areas where flammable dust and vapours are present.


Hytera HP50X

Hater HP50X series two-way radios are designed with the perfect balance of durability, functionality and convenience. They are ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing and public safety.

The HP50X series radios offer exceptional audio quality and clarity, allowing users to stay connected over long distances. They are also equipped with advanced noise-cancellation technology and powerful speakers.


Hytera BD612i

The BD612i radios feature digital noise cancellation for improved audio quality, and long battery life for up to 16 hours of operation. Digital encoding and high output power provides excellent reception and extended range.

The BD612i is built to the MIL STD-810-G standard for shock and temperature endurance, and complies with the IP66 standard for water and dust resistance.

Mobile Radios


Hytera MD612i

The MD612i is a perfect entry-level mobile radio to the world of DMR communication. Providing long-range transmission, robust design and clear voice transmission this compact radio can be used in a variety of applications.

Hytera MD622i

Hytera MD622i

The MD622i is a cost-effective DMR mobile radio that delivers value with extensive features. Providing long-range transmission, robust design and clear voice transmission, this compact mobile radio can be used in a variety of applications.

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