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Motorola VX-2100

Vertex 2100 Two-Way Mobile Radio

With a focus on size and flexibility the VX–2100 provides 8 channels, with DTMF ANI built in, as well as with an emergency function, which can automatically switch to an emergency channel. Options available on VX–2100 include Encryption, voice inversion and rolling code.
Reliability, durability and expanded coverage are essential elements of the VX–2100 series. Your workforce will gain flexibility in scanning to optimize operation in a variety of environments.

Motorola SL300

Motorola SL-Series

The Motorola SL300 provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile. Whether you're working in the field or at a black-tie event, the SL300 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected.

Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable. A stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame make the SL300 the perfect work partner.


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