Do I need to sign a contract?

All consumer Internet services provided by Signal Direct Communications are provided on a month to month term with no long term contracts to sign.

Will weather affect my Internet?

Yes, electrical storms can produce interference which may effect your signal; As well heavy precipitation (snow, rain, etc.) can lower the quality of the signal. The effect of these conditions on your signal depends on distance, obstructions and other contributing factors.

Your coverage maps shows there is service in my area, does that mean I will get a good signal?

Wireless signal is affected by various factors such as range, obstructions, electrical interference from outside sources and elevation. Any of these factors can contribute to signal issues. Our installers will look at all possibilities and recommend a mounting location to avoid these issues, but sometimes acquiring a signal is not possible.

Can I install the equipment myself? Or do I need an installer to do it?

Many of our customers do self install the equipment, generally it is easier to install than a satellite dish. However self installed equipment has no warranty for signal quality, and any improperly mounted equipment that is damaged will be charged to the customer.

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